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100 – IVPN: Finding Truth about VPNs in a Sellout Industry

Gabriel Custodiet speaks for a second time with Viktor Viksei about the problems of the VPN industry, about how VPNs work, and about one of the few non-sellouts to privacy: IVPN.


First episode with Viktor (Episode 39):

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Timeline 0:00 – Introduction 1:47 – The problem with free VPNs 4:30 – Your VPN won’t go to jail for you for $5 6:50 – How bad are the fake VPN review websites? 10:45 – VPN Industry consolidation 15:45 – Most important aspects of a VPN 18:19 – Has IVPN been targeted by VPN juggernauts? 21:54 – Any trends in VPNs that IVPN is focused on 25:24 – What is happening at the ground level of a VPN server 28:35 – How would a 3-letter agency track a VPN user? 34:00 – How can VPN companies mitigate 3-letter agency tracking? 39:08 – How can we test if a VPN is working? 41:10 – WireGuard vs OpenVPN 44:50 – Is random-generated username and no password of IVPN and Mullvad a problem? 46:35 – Anti-Tracker of IVPN 49:30 – Why does torrenting on US VPN servers matter? 52:38 – Removal of killswitch due to Apple problems 55:56 – V2Ray: what does it do for us? 59:22 – VPN discrimination solutions 1:05:00 – Final thoughts


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