Watchman Privacy


If you would like to book me for consulting or for an interview, please use the following email:

You may also message me on Telegram: @WatchmanPrivacy (Note: I will not be checking Telegram from Jan 1 – Feb 15, 2024 and I have 1-month expiration on messages)

Interviews: I can speak on myriad topics. I have appeared on many high profile podcasts, including The Tom Woods Show, The Propaganda Report, The Higherside Chats, Palisades Gold Radio, The Expat Money Show, and Geopolitics & Empire. I have also published articles on Lew Rockwell, International Living, Trends Journal, and given speeches at conferences such as the 2022 & 2023 Expat Money Summits.


Consulting can involve myself and my cybersecurity partner. We can assist you with private crypto, phone and computer privacy and security, exit strategies and everything in between. Please send me your scenario: beginner or advanced welcome. We will always speak on encrypted audio platforms. And if you email me with a Protonmail address, your initial query will arrive to me end-to-end encrypted.