Watchman Privacy


If you would like to book me for consulting or for an interview, please use the following email (use Protonmail for end-to-end encryption):

You may also message me on Telegram: @WatchmanPrivacy


INTERVIEWS: I can speak on myriad topics in an entertaining way. I have appeared on many high profile podcasts, including The Tom Woods Show, The Propaganda Report, The Higherside Chats, Palisades Gold Radio, The Expat Money Show, and Geopolitics & Empire. I have also published articles on Lew Rockwell, International Living, Trends Journal, and given speeches at conferences such as the 2022 & 2023 Expat Money Summits.


CONSULTING: Few humans have the experience and knowledge I do with private and self-sovereign living. I can assist with:

  • All Bitcoin-related concerns
  • Private cryptocurrencies
  • Private phones and computers
  • Physical privacy
  • Personal and small business cybersecurity
  • Cancel-culture proofing
  • Running an online shop or podcast
  • OSINT (open-source intelligence gathering)

We will always speak on encrypted audio platforms. And if you email me with a Protonmail address, your initial query will arrive to me end-to-end encrypted.