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99 – Jack Rhysider from Darknet Diaries

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Jack Rhysider, host of the fabulous Darknet Diaries podcast. They go behind the scenes of Jack’s work routine and aesthetic views.  Jack shares the commonalities of his guests, details of his inner drive, his operational security, and his view of the future of cybersecurity.

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Timeline 0:00 – Introduction 3:52 – How did Jack Rhysider distinguish Darknet Diaries from other shows? 5:45 – Inflection point of Darknet Diaries 7:38 – Jack’s perfectionism with podcasting 9:05 – How Jack organizes his narrative note-taking 11:16 – Promotion secrets of Darknet Diaries 13:45 – Jack’s work routine 15:33 – Getting the most out of guests 17:08 – Visual style of Darknet Diaries 20:19 – Rapid fire questions 27:12 – Weirdest way Jack found a guest 29:12 – What do all of his guests have in common 31:55 – How may guests requests does Jack get these days 34:18 – Jack’s other favorite hacker stories 36:01 – Jack’s operational security 40:23 – How does Jack communicate with guests 41:32 – Has anyone come after Jack Rhysider? 44:04 – Jack’s biggest failure with Darknet Diaries 45:14 – Dealing with guests’ terrible microphones 46:41 – How much does Jack cut form episodes? 47:55 – How much does Jack care about Bitcoin and Monero? 49:55 – Jack’s recent move to monthly release: impact on show 51:14 – What’s the solution for protecting logins? 56:07 – Fears of the future of technology 58:40 – Final thoughts


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