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101 – Samourai Wallet Arrested

Gabriel Custodiet discusses alongside BitcoinQnA and Seth for Privacy the details surrounding the arrest of the Samourai Wallet developers. They then look at how we can protect our own Samourai Wallets in light of various seizures. They conclude by looking at the future of financial privacy.


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0:00 – Introduction 5:15 – Summary of allegations against Samourai Wallet 18:30 – Couldn’t any Bitcoin wallet be an “unlicensed money transmission business”? 22:00 – Unclear language of DoJ statement 27:24 – Any good things that can come out of trial? 31:40 – How to support Samourai and TdevD 32:45 – What should Samourai Wallet users do? 42:21 – The future of Samourai Wallet’s code and technologies 46:00 – Alternatives to Samourai Wallet 51:32 – The bigger picture 56:50 – Final thoughts

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