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88 – Doug Casey: Judge, Jury, Executioner

Gabriel Custodiet speaks for a second time with the anarchist philosopher Doug Casey. And once again they discuss topics Doug Casey rarely comments on: how anarchy holds up to foreign empires, what Doug would refuse to sell on darknet marketplaces, whether the will to power isn’t a better ethic to follow, the morality of investing in “defense” stocks, and jury nullification. 


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0:00 – Introduction 0:17 – How do you know the non-aggression principle is correct? 5:25 – Isn’t the will to power more natural? 7:36 – How would anarchy hold up to ambitions of other imperial governments? 11:31 – Would Doug Casey have any limits to his darknet marketplace? 15:30 – Is it moral to invest in war stocks? 19:15 – Jury nullification 21:50 – Upcoming book ‘Terrorist’ 23:45 – Final thoughts

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