Watchman Privacy

89 – Notes from an Urban Hacker

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Urban Hacker about a smattering of digital privacy topics: Tor versus VPNs, Kodi and digital media servers, Bitcoin and Monero, Samourai Wallet stack, sandboxing, phone privacy, and GrapheneOS.


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0:00 – Beginning 0:42 – Tor versus VPNs 10:43 – What is Urban Hacker’s stack 12:25 – Using bitcoin on a daily basis 14:30 – Rolling physical dice for Bitcoin private keys 18:07 – What is Samourai Wallet Sentinel?  20:18 – Luke and Ocean Mining debacle 24:58 – Bitcoin and Monero and altcoin mining 26:09 – Bitcoin transaction cost depends on byte size, not amount of sats 29:07 – The Dust Horizon 31:09 – When do you use Bitcoin versus Monero? 31:22 – Private media servers, TVs, Kodi 36:48 – What is sandboxing? Also, GrapheneOS and phone privacy. 46:25 – Final thoughts from Urban Hacker


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