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87 – The Politics of Bitcoin (Zelko & Samourai Wallet)

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Zelko of RoninDojo and Samourai Wallet. They unpack the crazy politics in the Bitcoin community: from the fuzzy “red lines” of Bitcoin company, to the gradual diminishment of Bitcoin’s cypherpunk origins, to FOSS gaslighting and the recent Ocean Mining censorship. Oh, and Bitcoin is not for Progressives.


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0:00 – Introduction 0:31 – Bitcoin is like a ship 5:23 – What are your red lines as a Bitcoin company? 11:32 – Why did Bitcoin move away from being cypherpunk? 19:20 – Mass adoption is the poison pill 24:30 – Software that isn’t FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) 40:00 – Bitcoin is not apolitical, nor for Progressives 45:19 – Savings versus spending 48:35 – Ocean Mining versus Whirlpool 1:03:58 – The failure of the Lightning Network 1:17:07 – Criticism of Samourai Wallet 1:25:47 – Final Thoughts


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