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86 – CBDC Tracker with Nicholas Anthony

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Nicholas Anthony, co-creator of CBDC Tracker. They discuss how Central Bank Digital Currencies will work practically, their myriad logistical problems, and their legality in the United States. They also cover the unrecognized economic problems of CBDCs, black box debanking, cybersecurity concerns of CBDCs, CBDCs as a PSYOP, Operation Choke Point, the Financial Tyranny Index, and more. Anthony’s scholarly take on CBDCs is much appreciated.

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0:00 – Introduction 3:20 – Worst countries for CBDCs 4:42 – How do CBDCs work at a practical level? 7:33 – Citizen requirements to use a CBDC and how would foreigners use CBDCs? 10:55 – What stood out to you about the CBDC Tracker project? 14:10 – Should Americans be worried about their developing CBDC? 17:55 – Can US Federal Reserve create a CBDC without government approval? 21:00 – What is the real reason they want a CBDC? 26:05 – Other disruptions that CBDCs can cause with economies? 30:13 – Security concerns of CBDCs 34:50 – CBDCs as a PSYOP  39:17 – Operation Choke Point 43:22 – Debanking 47:50 – Financial Tyranny Index 51:35 – Final thoughts


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