Watchman Privacy

85 – Bitcoin Privacy Reignited with BitcoinQnA

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Bitcoin privacy expert BitcoinQnA. This semi-advanced conversation (start with earlier episodes with QnA for beginner info) covers many topics pertaining to the nature of Bitcoin and strategies for making it more private. They cover the recent blockchain clog with ordinals and how to get around it, fulcrum servers, Nostr, getting started with the Lightning Network, using derivation paths, Bitcoin ATMs, JoinMarket, coin control, mixing to hardware wallets, and updates on Foundation Devices.


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0:00 – Introduction 2:04 – Updates on attacks to sovereign and private Bitcoin (FINCEN prposal) 11:50 – Blockchain clog recently with ordinals 20:35 – Fulcrum server introduction 24:11 – What is an Electrum server? 27:48 – Nostr  31:00 – Getting started with Lightning Network correctly 35:45 – Using accounts/derivation paths instead of multiple seed phrases 41:28 – How does KYC harm everyone? 45:45 – How would you track someone who pays you in bitcoin? 49:21 – Update on Bitcoin ATMs 50:36 – Azteco  53:15 – Other options for coinjoining: JoinMarket 56:06 – Is a wallet that has touched a public Electrum server forever burned? 57:57 – UTXO sizes and coin control 1:05:45 – Mix to hardware wallet 1:10:00 – Updates on Foundation Devices 1:15:40 – Final thoughts

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