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84 – Jayant Bhandari: Midnight’s Children

Gabriel Custodiet speaks for a third time with the cultural philosopher Jayant Bhandari. They continue previous threads about what reason and honor are and how they manifested exclusively in the West. They talk about Indian Independence in 1947, the threat of BRICS to the West, how Hinduism is a modern Western construct, whether the Hippocratic Oath exists in India, why Indians stockpile gold, and what book most influenced Bhandari. Listen and learn.


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0:00 – Introduction 1:50 – Guns, Germs, and Steel: are Western ideas a coincidence? 7:26 – What is reason? 14:48 – What is honor and why is it only a Western phenomenon? 18:52 – Examples of Western degradation 24:37 – Jayant: are you really a libertarian? 28:05 – BRICS a threat to the West? 32:45 – Trump trade war with China: good or bad? 35:05 – Hinduism didn’t exist until 100 years ago? 39:25 – What was 1947 Indian Independence like? 45:18 – Does the Hippocratic Oath exists in India? 48:10 – Why do Indians have so much gold? 51:14 – Who are the Untouchables of the caste system? 54:08 – Fake rape cases in India 1:00:45 – Rapid Fire Questions 1:09:00 – Should Hong Kong allow itself to be enveloped by China? 1:11:25 – Getting currency converted on the street 1:12:37 – Final thoughts