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83 – 3D Printed Guns and Death Athletic

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Jessica Solce, the director of Death Athletic, a documentary on 3D Gun printing and specifically on Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed. They discuss the erosion of the 2nd Amendment, the landscape of 3D gun printing, debanking, and other topics.

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0:00 – Introduction 3:04 – 2nd Amendment is eroding 7:10 – What are the regulated parts of a gun? 9:51– Must one register a self-made gun? 11:28 – Background of Cody Wilson 16:45 – Other players in the self-made gun movement 20:41 – Current status of files uploaded by Cody Wilson 22:35 – How could gun files possibly be regulated? 26:20 – DEFCad  29:20 – Debanking and cancellation for Defense Distributed 36:30 – Supporting Cody Wilson 37:27 – Cody Wilson under surveillance 39:30 – Samourai Wallet contributed to this film 41:02 – Difficulties of making a documentary 44:20 – Final thoughts

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