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82 – Yaron Brook: Learning from Ayn Rand

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Yaron Brook, philosopher of freedom, author, podcast host, and Chairman of the Board of the Ayn Rand Institute. Using the ideas of Ayn Rand, they explore what reason and freedom mean and how to live while pursuing rational self-interest. They also discuss intellectual property, anarchy and the allure of collectivism.

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0:00 – Introduction 1:27 – What is rational self-interest, Ayn Rand’s most foundational idea? 4:52 – Modern people have no excuse not to be rational 7:20 – What is reason? 8:40 – Bad people: using reason incorrectly or not at all? 13:50 – Why is collectivism so alluring? 18:12 – Do rational people have the same ethics? 21:15 – Examples of irrationality in current world events 27:23 – Big Tech is an overall benefit 30:55 – Would a Randian hero ever be a politician? 32:50 – Rand’s problem with anarchy? Is there a way to limit government? 38:48 – Optimism of Objectivism 40:32 – Intellectual property: how far does it go? 46:05 – Do Rand protagonists have empathy? 50:25 – How would a rationally self-interested person go about their day?

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