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81 – Don Jeffries: Crimes and Cover-ups in American Politics

Gabriel Custodiet speaks for a second time with historian and independent journalist Don Jeffries. They cover the recent COVID government overreach before continuing the discussion on hidden history: from FDR’s knowledge of Pearl Harbor, to the depravities of LBJ, to the Clinton “body count.” Jeffries as usual has a powerful counter-narrative to the court history that many of us accept as true.

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0:00 – Introduction 3:00 – Why don’t historians cover what you cover? 7:15 – Jeffries’ recent COVID book 12:40 – Government motivations during COVID? 15:58 – COVID Geotracing overreach 18:22 – FDR was aware of Pearl Harbor? 25:32 – JFK: an unusual president 33:40 – JFK, CS Lewis, Aldous Huxley die same day 34:45 – LBJ: Psychopathic tendencies 41:18 – The Clinton “body count” 47:00 – Jeffries’ book recommendations 50:55 – Isn’t the “deep state” just the bureaucracy? 53:40 – Exponential increase in cancer post-1900 57:00 – Assault on free speech 1:01:03 – Final thoughts


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