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80 – James Wesley, Rawles: Private Guns, Economic Collapse, and Survival

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with the legendary societal collapse tactician: James Wesley, Rawles. Gabriel picks his brain about the threats he sees in the world today. They also get into depth about private gun ownership and purchases, concealed carry, self-defense, about the benefits of American federalism, and about the best places on earth to survive in the event of disaster. Rawles is a fantastic thinker about all things sovereignty – this is one episode you don’t want to miss.

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0:00 – Introduction 1:43 – What is the “coming collapse”? 4:15 – Why is the “American Redoubt” the best bug out place in the country? 6:32 – Any change to American Redoubt recently? 8:10 – Internationalization?  10:10 – American federalism differentiates it from every other country 16:00 – What is the leading geopolitical threat? 18:32 – Basics of private gun ownership 21:32 – What is a private gun sale? 26:35 – Making your own guns and other options 30:12 – Beginning to concealed carry 32:57 – Legal preparation for home defense 35:00 – “Lawyers, Guns, and Money” – the sovereign citizen movement 38:00 – Land of Promise: creating a Christian Libertarian nation 41:35 – What is the most important common denominator of thriving society? 43:43 – Rapid Fire 45:25 – Most troubling upcoming technology 45:40 – James Wesley, Rawles debanked; cancel culture 47:30 – Typewriters: underappreciated privacy tech 49:00 – MicroSD cards 50:50 – Final thoughts

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