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79 – Panama Excursion Announcement: Escaping a Chaotic World

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Mikkel Thorup about their joint venture internationalisation seminar in Panama. This will take place in January of 2024. Gabriel and Mikkel explain the details and argue for internationalisation as a concept everyone should consider. For most of this episode they discuss why Panama is one of the best countries on earth for those seeking freedom.


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0:00 – Explanation of event 6:40 – Why should we internationalise? 10:00 – Why did Mikkel choose Panama? 14:15 – Panama has territorial taxation 15:55 – Does this work for Americans? (Foreign earned income exclusion) 17:45 – Residency process for Panama 21:28 – Panama is the banking hub of Latin America 25:00 – Panama banks require residency 26:30 – Panama uses US Dollar? Kind of… 27:14 – Panama Papers: any problems? 30:10 – Gold vaults in Panama (and other precious metals) 34:05 – Conveniences of Panama 34:25 – Panamanian lifestyle 37:00 – Final thoughts on event

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