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78 – “An Unencrypted Hard Drive on Wheels:” Car Privacy with Andrea Amico

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Andrea Amico, creator of They discuss the data that is transmitted from phone to car when you establish this connection via Bluetooth or USB. Andrea offers some horror stories as he unpacks how vehicles are an underappreciated trusted third party in our lives. 

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0:00 – Introduction 1:30 – Gabriel’s caveats 2:08 – How does Privacy4Cars work? 4:25 – Variance of ways car data is erased 6:15 – Cars are unencrypted hard drives; what year did this begin? 9:22 – What kinds of data do cars collect? 12:12 – Particular car brands that collect the most? 12:40 – Horror stories 14:43 – Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay 16:48 – How do Android Auto and Apple CarPlay work? 18:00 – How trivial is it for police or investigators to take car data? 20:35 – Does a car connection break the encryption of encrypted apps? 21:45 – How often should we use Privacy4Cars? 23:43 – Is our car data behind sold? 26:34 – Are there public vehicle search databases? 29:37 – Insurance companies collecting data 32:20 – What does a mechanic see about our car data? 35:00 – VIN black pill 35:40 – Last car that didn’t have a computer chip 39:13 – Any connection between phone and car is serious 41:05 – Are Teslas different? 42:02 – Microphones in cars: common 43:15 – Car apps 45:50 – What can people do to preserve car privacy? 48:55 – Any vehicle companies know to collect more data than others? 49:15 – 50:45 – Trusting Privacy4Cars app 52:32 – Final thoughts

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