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77 – Jayant Bhandari: The Empire Strikes Back

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with cultural analyst Jayant Bhandari for the second time. Bhandari reinforces his argument that culture is more important than economics or politics, providing as usual an assortment of keen observations from his childhood in India and his constant travels across the globe. In this episode they also speak about the decline of the West, whether China is as Orwellian as the media says, the India biometric Aadhaar system, how to bribe in third world countries, the rise of Indian nationalism, Indian slavery, and a particularly disturbing trip to the most lawless country on earth.

Watch our first conversation here:

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0:00 – Introduction 1:55 – Does “fixing the money” solve societal problems? 4:47 – Neocolonialism is real though, right? 7:50 – The decline of the West and the rise of the East 10:35 – Is China as bad as media portrays? 14:52 – Mohammedan countries support China despite Uyghur situation 19:29 – Can money fix global poverty? 23:06 – India’s biometric database system Aadhaar 25:00 – Advice on bribing in third-world countries 27:50 – Criticism of Narendra Modi 29:50 – Does Jayant feel unsafe in India now? 31:07 – Rise of Indian nationalism 33:39 – Differences among Indian subcontinent 36:00 – Traveling to Pakistan 37:13 – Slavery in India 40:04 – The Indian caste system 42:15 – Advice for traveling in India 45:00 – His trip to Congo (**listener discretion advised**) 48:30 – Abuses of the third world are rarely covered 53:05 – Where do we get non-PC information about the third world? 54:53 – Only Western countries take refugees; consequences 58:35 – Rapid fire questions 1:00:58 – Practical advice for traveling globally 1:02:03 – How to live like a local 1:02:50 – Pitch for gold ownership 1:04:40 – Opening foreign bank and investing accounts 1:06:40 – Dollar will not collapse before other fiat currencies 1:09:00 – Elon Musk and Ray Dalio praise India 1:10:16 – What will world look 15 years from now? 1:11:18 – Final thoughts

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