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76 – Silent Link: Anonymous eSIM Service

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with the Admin of Silent Link, an eSim phone service that allows you to purchase service with Bitcoin or Monero, without giving up KYC information, and that works in most countries around the world. They discuss the details of the service, its limitations and benefits, and cover a lot of phone privacy and security topics along the way.

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0:00 – Introduction 2:40 – Phone service is a double-edged sword 4:25 – What is my mobile service provider able to see about me? 8:02 – Can a phone provider hear our phone calls? 8:49 – What is a voice fingerprint? 9:24 – Does voice fingerprinting defeat the “burner model” of phones 10:15 – Silent Link uses roaming: what does that mean for protection from mobile service provider? 11:42 – IMEI: can we ever change it? 13:04 – What happens when we call the emergency number on our phone 14:14 – Where did we go wrong with phone service? 15:40 – What is the history of Silent Link? 18:26 – How did Bitcoin/Monero allow you do run your company as you run it? 19:12 – What could Silent Link do to us if it were malicious? 22:40 – Who owns phone numbers at the end of the ownership line? 23:20 – Can your providers refuse you service; consequences 24:22 – No outgoing calls or SMS with Silent Link 26:55 – Data-only (no number) plan: do we actually get a phone number with it? 27:40 – Pricing 28:20 – Basics of Silent Link service 31:45 – Main benefit: seamless global service 32:48 – Security benefits of roaming eSIM card 37:18 – Where do your eSIM cards come from? 37:46 – Can we port our loaned phone number from your service? 40:05 – Does Silent Link protect us from SIM swaps? 41:50 – Countries that require KYC for SIMs: is this a risk for them? 42:21 – Challenges of running this service 43:08 – How often can we switch eSIM to new phone? 45:10 – Services similar to Silent Link 45:17 – GrapheneOS: do we have to enable Google Services to use eSIM 46:44 – Efani 47:23 – Would Silent Link work in China? 48:11 – Longevity of Silent Link 48:44 – Silent Link recommends Specter DIY 49:16 – Final thoughts


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