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75 – BTCPay with Nicolas Dorier: Non-Custodial Payment Processing

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with the creator of BTCPay, Nicolas Dorier. BTCPay is the most promising option at present for non-custody Bitcoin payment processing, and solves the legacy finance problems of KYC, discrimination, and cancellation. This episode covers all of the basic questions one might have when setting up BTCPay, including sovereignty and privacy questions.

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0:00 – Introduction 1:46 – Summary of BTCPay 3:23 – Nicolas Dorier’s famous tweet 5:35 – Bitcoin services’ movement toward custodial compliance 9:28 – How could BTCPay get shut down? 10:58 – Any KYC required to use BTCPay? 12:38 – Problem of BTCPay complexity 17:37 – Two ways to use BTCPay; vulnerabilities of running your own home node 19:40 – Quickest way to set up BTCPay 20:48 – Vulnerabilities of using BTCPay on Luna Server 23:15 – Reliance of BTCPay on VPS: a problem? 24:14 – How quick is BTCPay processing for customers? 26:45 – Legacy finance much worse at processing, if we’re being honest 27:58 – Privacy benefits of BTCPay; PayJoin 30:58 – How to handle customer funds 32:00 – Other options for collecting BTC donations 33:24 – Using a friend’s node to run BTCPay 34:35 – Biggest hurdles for Bitcoin to be used day-to-day 36:42 – What happens to data we collect from customers? 37:55 – BTCPay with WooCommerce and Shopify 39:20 – Customer returns 41:31 – How quick to set up BTCPay for Shopify  42:55 – BTCPay is a solution for censorship and legacy finance unreliability 45:43 – How sustainable is this free service? 47:30 – Collecting Monero using BTCPay 48:50 – Final thoughts


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