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69 – Sparrow Wallet with Craig Raw

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with the creator and core developer of Sparrow Wallet, Craig Raw. They discuss some of Craig’s background and his world, such as the dangers of South Africa and how they influence his mindset. Craig gives his insights into the history of Bitcoin wallets, his own coin control tactics, and the broader issues and potential paths of Bitcoin. If you’re just starting with Bitcoin privacy, please see more introductory episodes such as Episode 27:

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0:00 – Introduction 3:01 – How many people are using Sparrow Wallet? 3:58 – The problem of self-custody 6:39 – Why Sparrow as a symbol? 9:13 – Dangers of South Africa; how it influences Craig Raw’s worldview 14:43 – History of Bitcoin wallets 19:57 – What would happen to Sparrow if Craig Raw disappeared?  22:45 – Why do we have to wait for Whirlpooling? 28:10 – How does Craig Raw do coin control? 32:07 – How safe is Sparrow Wallet as a hot wallet? 35:55 – How to “start over” with compromised wallets 38:40 – What should we do with bad bank UTXOs? 40:34 – Should Bitcoin be a store of value or medium of exchange? 43:10 – Craig a proponent of making Bitcoin more private on Layer 1? 45:03 – How would we change the encryption of Bitcoin if needed in the future? 47:47 – Importance of slow changes to Sparrow Wallet 51:17 – What Bitcoin services does Craig Raw use? 53:30 – Final thoughts

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