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68 – Samourai Wallet: Waging War on Fiat

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Samourai Wallet, the main speaker for the eponymous Bitcoin privacy wallet company. This wide-ranging discussion covers the myth of Bitcoin being a “surveillance coin,” chain analytics companies, the history of Samourai and Bitcoin privacy wallets, and the trailblazing techniques of how SW runs an online, globally-dispersed business that does not compromise on its values. For more introductory information on Samourai Wallet, please start with this video: and then continue to this one: You can also make use of the Samourai privacy tools by using the Sparrow Wallet, which we have discussed regularly on this show. That will be the preferred method for many.

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**BITCOIN PRIVACY** 0:00 – Introduction 1:48 – Bitcoin is not a “surveillance coin” – two scenarios 10:50 – Roman Sterlingov case and chain analytics 13:20 – Chain analytic and surveillance companies 19:52 – Bitcoiners punished for FUTURE transactions? 22:44 – What would you say to mainstream Bitcoiners? 25:47 – How to learn about blockchain analytics; **SAMOURAI WALLET** 29:30 – History of Bitcoin privacy wallets 32:32 – Where did idea of Whirlpool come from? 36:34 – Why is SW Android only? 38:32 – How would Samourai Wallet start up his own wallet? 41:43 – Why aren’t some privacy features on by default? 48:13 – Samourai’s connection with Sparrow Wallet 51:03 – Can we trust the Centralized Coordinator of Whirlpool? 55:58 – Update on Decentralized Coordinator 57:24 – Which features of Samourai Wallet would you use? 1:04:01 – What would you do if you controlled Satoshi’s wallet? **POLITICS AND PHILOSOPHY** 1:10:30 – Privacy is not a human right; it’s a human fight 1:13:40 – Justification of “not being polite” on Twitter 1:18:36 – Pushback from mainstream Bitcoiners 1:27:57 – Samourai Wallet core values **RUNNING AN ANTIFRAGILE BUSINESS** 1:29:58 – Privacy methods for running a business 1:33:24 – Self-hosting everything 1:35:30 – Where did he learn all of this? 1:37:18 – Evacuating the UK over AML nonsense 1:41:26 – How to live on Bitcoin-only 1:45:40 – Atomic swaps with Monero 1:47:39 – Final thoughts


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