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67 – Matt Smith: Escaping to Uruguay

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Matt Smith, who this audience will know as the producer of Doug Casey’s Take. They discuss Matt’s entrepreneurial ascent and his move to Uruguay, which Matt selected as the optimal place to wait out the impending disaster of our time…

Guest Links →  → → (Matt’s ranch in Uruguay) → (Matt’s and Doug’s online community)


Sources mentioned → Epictetus → The Unsettling of America by Wendell Berry → → The Drudge Report → → (The Duran) → (John Robb) → (The New Atlas)

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0:00 – Introduction 2:19 – Matt Smith’s path to the present; meeting Doug Casey 10:18 – Visiting secret societies 14:17 – Why did you move to Uruguay 18:06 – Any dangers in Uruguay? 20:24 – Uruguay residency process 21:39 – What is it like having a ranch in Uruguay? 24:18 – How to acquire goods in Uruguay 28:37 – Montevideo and Buenos Aires 31:40 – Doug Casey’s Take; how Matt prepares 39:46 – How to get a doctor outside of the medical system 41:49 –