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70 – Tor Part I: History and Basic Features

Gabriel Custodiet gives the floor to Urban Hacker to give a ground-level history of the Tor network, one of the most important privacy projects in digital history. Urban Hacker begins with Tor’s predecessors, such as mixed networks and remailers. He explains Tor’s origins in the hands of the US Navy, how China altered its trajectory, and how its basic features work. He finishes with practical tips about when and when not to use Tor.

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0:00 – Introduction 2:16 – Predecessors to Tor: remailers and mix networks 8:00 – Drawbacks of remailers 11:14 – Inception of Tor network 15:21 – How does Tor network function? 19:59 – How does Tor gain prominence? 25:00 – Tor vs VPN 27:30 – Challenges of Tor throughout its history 34:02 – Various ways to make use of Tor 37:47 – When should we not use Tor? 41:42 – Should we adjust Tor settings? 42:34 – Proper Tor etiquette  44:08 – Urban Hacker’s Bitcoin game: The Orange Pill Simulator

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