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108 – Post-Samourai Wallet: Max Tannahill & Diverter_NoKYC

Gabriel speaks with Samourai Wallet insiders Max Tannahill and Diverter_NoKYC. They give an update on the Samourai Wallet arrest and its absurdity. They also discuss the post-arrest chilling effect, the compliance mindset that defines the current Bitcoin scene, and what the future of Bitcoin privacy is.


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Timeline 0:00 – Introduction  4:40 – Samourai Wallet update (June 10, 2024) 7:50 – Absurdity of allegations 13:00 – Observations about “Bitcoin community” reactions to SW arrest 20:40 – Preemptive shutdowns of Bitcoin and Monero services 24:05 – The Compliance Mindset 36:50 – The future of Bitcoin privacy 45:40 – Update on Bitcoin mining 48:15 – Max’s current Bitcoin tools 50:40 – Roman Sterligov and Bitcoin Fog 59:30 – Big topics in Bitcoin at the moment

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