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107 – MySudo: VoIP with Privacy Focus

Gabriel speaks with Paul Ashley of Anonyome Labs: creators of the VoIP service MySudo. The service is essential for privacy users: it allows you to have up to nine legitimate phone numbers organized in a handy app that is zero-knowledge encrypted. 

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Timeline 0:00 – Introduction  1:00 – Phone privacy realism 2:50 – Available countries for MySudo 5:55 – Is VoIP the future of telephony? 9:16 – Is KYC coming for VoIP? 11:20 – Porting phone numbers to MySudo 12:10 – What info required to sign up for service? 13:30 – How to pay privately for MySudo (special instructions for GrapheneOS) 17:05 – What would MySudo give over with a search warrant? 18:10 – Where is data from MySudo stored? 22:10 – MySudo for PC 25:25 – Would KYC mandate affect current users? 26:25 – MySudo greatly reduces SIM swap risk 27:14 – You MUST back up your MySudo account 32:00 – Technical errors while using MySudo (VPN use) 36:45 – What can customer service see about us? 38:40 – Fewer robocalls with MySudo 39:13 – Email also baked into MySudo: sudomail 42:50 – Virtual credit cards 49:00 – MySudo browser 50:24 – Final thoughts


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