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42 – Virtual Mailboxes and South Dakota Nomad Residency with

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Dallas, the creator of the privacy-focused South Dakota virtual mailbox service They discuss the benefits of virtual mailboxes and the process of South Dakota nomad residency. Becoming an international nomad or even a nomad within the USA is possible for most people, and can provide privacy and security benefits as well as tax and freedom benefits. Dallas, who has been aware of South Dakota’s desirable program for nearly a decade, is the perfect guide in this episode.

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0:00 – Beginning 1:35 – Basic privacy benefits of virtual addresses 4:20 – Other benefits of virtual mailboxes 8:13 – Nomad residency in the USA (South Dakota) 13:45 – What data do we give out to have a virtual mailbox? 16:15 – Using as an address for South Dakota residency 18:00 – South Dakota for trusts and LLCs 26:04 – Longevity of South Dakota nomad residency (in wake of Pandora Papers) 30:45 – How to avoid getting claimed by other states 35:40 – How does differentiate itself from other services? 43:13 – How does scan and send client mail? 44:40 – Running a business with privacy as a core value 51:15 – Other services offers 57:27 – What are we required to provide to Privacy Post to use service? 1:06:50 – Car insurance as a South Dakota nomad 1:13:05 – Other details about 1:17:40 – Who is Dallas? 1:21:30 – How Dallas avoids credit; consequences of no credit score 1:26:40 – Portugal residency 1:29:46 – Will be around in 5-10 years? 1:32:02 – Final thoughts