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41 – Rough Living: Learning Privacy from Homelessness

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with CD, who wrote his book ‘Rough Living’ about choosing to be homeless for multiple years. They discuss how to blend in in public, how to purchase and use cars privately, where to sleep without attracting attention, and how to acquire one’s necessities without swiping a credit card and without stealing. There is much to learn about privacy from homelessness.

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0:00 – Beginning 5:44 – Why did you choose to be homeless? 8:04 – How did you escape the rate race? 11:14 – Proper ID most essential piece of homeless equipment 12:12 – Where to park overnight 17:43 – How did you get food? 22:27 – Best places in USA to be homeless 27:01 – Dumpster diving basic strategies 29:00 – Homeless shelters an option? 30:02 – Homeless campsites 33:22 – How to blend in in public 35:22 – Private car transaction and ‘registration’ 37:42 – Regularly hiring cash jobs 39:15 – Trouble getting back on the grid 43:02 – Being homeless in 2022 vs 2010 46:38 – Final thoughts