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103 – Jessica Solce: No Control

Gabriel Custodiet speaks for a second time with Jessica Solce, a rising documentary-maker. They discuss her first documentary, No Control, on 3D printed guns and Cody Wilson. They then discuss her upcoming documentary on El Salvador and Nayib Bukele, and finally some thoughts on the documentary industry.


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Timeline 0:00 – Introduction 2:45 – No Control neutrality a mistake? 5:40 – What is Project Liberator?  7:24 – FFL license trolling 8:35 – NRA says 3D printed guns “anathema to guns” 10:00 – What is the neurosis that gun control people suffer from? 14:02 – What happens if you fail a federal gun background check? 15:02 – Weird state gun laws 16:08 – 3D printed guns internationally 19:15 – The problem of bullets 20:10 – Jessica’s interest in El Salvador 24:45 – Connection to Bitcoin? 28:05 – Vibe of El Salvador today 31:00 – Other thoughts on El Salvador 32:30 – Documentaries Jessica admires 40:50 – Final thoughts


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