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97 – Coincards: Buy Gift Cards with Monero and Bitcoin

Gabriel Custodiet talks to Mike from This service allows you to buy gift cards for popular franchises with bitcoin, monero, and other crypto. Gabriel asks all the basic questions, the privacy and legal questions, and the more interesting questions: how to live off of gift cards, behind-the-scenes of the gift card industry, gift card suspicion, gift card privacy, and the future of gift cards.

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0:00 – Introduction 1:42 – What do we have to give up to use 2:35 – Any problems with Tor Browser? 3:35 – Are you using BTCPay Server? 4:15 – Do you vet UTXOs? 4:50 – Do you reject transactions for any reason? 5:48 – Data retention policy 7:10 – Do companies know their cards came from Coin Cards? 9:50 – Rapid fire of basic features of Coin Cards 12:50 – How do we use digital gift card in physical store? 13:40 – Origins of Coin Cards (getting permission from gift card companies) 16:00 – What did you do with Bitcoin in the early days? 17:00 – Coin Cards guerrilla marketing 18:15 – Comparison to competitors 19:38 – Limitations of jurisdictions 21:58 – What wallet set up do you use? 23:30 – How do live on gift cards 24:30 – Problems with VISA gift cards 26:42 – Privacy problems of using gift cards 28:30 – Companies that ban for using gift cards (Amazon) 30:32 – Will gift cards get regulated? 31:40 – How much of “circular economy” BTC/XMR end with services like yours? 34:27 – Has there been a decline in Bitcoin use in last ten years? 37:00 – Percent of gift cards that have errors 37:15 – Future of Coin Cards 37:40 – Final thoughts

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