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95 – The Monero Standard with Stoic.xmr

Gabriel Custodiet talks to Stoic.xmr (Michael Fitzgerald) about his book The Monero Standard. After covering some of the bare basics of money and the fiat system, they discuss the differences between the Bitcoin and Monero community and whether Bitcoin and Monero are even the point…


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0:00 – Introduction 1:26 – What is fiat and how bad has it been for us? 4:16 – Does intrinsic value exist regarding money; what is Monero’s value? 6:48 – Weird objects used as money 10:30 – What is inflation? 13:32 – Differences between Bitcoin and Monero communities 15:40 – Spending over savings 17:35 – Getting to the most important question 18:08 – Bitcoin taint 20:22 – Would Stoic.xmr support a better privacy coin than Monero? 21:46 – Mass adoption in Monero 22:40 – Does supply cap really matter that much? 23:40 – Final thoughts

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