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73 – What is Private Email? Andrew Milich from Skiff

Gabriel Custodiet speaks to the CEO of private email company Skiff, Andrew Milich. They discuss what is meant by private email, including all of the fundamental questions that surround that topic. Milich explains along the way the hidden complexities of email and how Skiff has made decisions as a privacy-focused company. As always, this episode aims to be the definitive conversation on the topic, covering the fundamentals as well as the pertinent tech questions.

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0:00 – Introduction 1:48 – What is email privacy? 4:38 – Why is email so complex? 7:30 – How much data do Gmail and Yahoo collect? 9:18 – Why so few private email options until recently? 11:44 – Reputation is huge part of email 16:45 – Zero knowledge prevents data breach damage 18:04 – Example of what can be seen about an email conversation 19:17 – How we expose ourselves on email that we don’t realize 21:45 – Inevitable abuse of private email options 24:56 – Andrew’s response to Proton’s logging of IP address 28:52 – Results of Skiff’s audits 31:48 – Skiff’s minimalism 34:47 – Rapid fire questions 38:26 – Skiff Pages 39:49 – Skiff Drive 41:30 – Easy to switch to Skiff from other email service? 43:15 – Any popular features not currently available in Skiff? 44:49 – Should we be concerned about US company and US servers? 46:32 – IPFS and decentralized features of Skiff 47:42 – The future of email 49:01 – Skiff prices and Andrew’s email practices 50:37 – Final thoughts

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