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63 – Reezy Resells: Retail Arbitrage and Money-Making

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Reezy Resells, a retail arbitrage master who shares his tactics online. They discuss how to resell items on Amazon (and eBay), including the details of doing so. They also discuss advertising on social media, learning to be a producer rather than a consumer, how Reezy would start over from nothing, and the mindset necessary to start hustling and making money online.

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0:00 – Introduction 1:38 – Why did you shout me out on Twitter? 4:11 – The mindset of hustling 12:42 – Improving social media advertising 18:00 – Changing mindset from consumer to producer 20:28 – Retail arbitrage: is it still viable today? 27:52 – How would you start over from nothing? 32:13 – Reezy’s productivity and schedule 40:53 – Ideas for making money online 47:37 – Any privacy scares for Reezy as a public figure? 50:40 – Final thoughts