Watchman Privacy

61 – Mac Pierce: Facial Recognition Obfuscation

Gabriel Custodiet interviews Mac Pierce, an artist who creates anti-facial recognition tools. They discuss the prevalence of facial recognition, previous attempts at obfuscating it, and some of the legal and practical questions surrounding its avoidance.

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0:00 – Introduction 1:38 – Overview of Mac Pierce’s work – Ai WeiWei 5:00 – How prevalent is facial recognition? 8:00 – How do people unknowingly participate in facial recognition? 10:32 – Do face masks protect us against facial recognition? 11:59 – How concerned are you about gait analysis, tattoo analysis, etc.? 14:30 – How effective are other “adversarial fashion” such as Reflectacles and Leonardo Selvaggio masks 17:27 – Is it illegal to wear masks in public? – and post-COVID 19:20 – Opt Out Cap: how does it work? 21:40 – Why is it important to have a “real” face? 22:39 – How to test if anti-facial recognition equipment is working 24:04 – Camera Shy Hoodie 26:12 – Resources to learn about facial recognition 27:55 – The future of tracking people 29:44 – How to defy gait analysis 29:56 – 3D printed guns, Cody Wilson, ghost gunner 31:56 – How will the 3D printed gun era play out? 33:21 – The first digital death 35:40 – Final thoughts