Watchman Privacy

59 – Hrvoje Moric on Geopolitics & Empire

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Hrvoje Moric of Geopolitics & Empire. They talk about the potential for technocracy and world government, biometrics, and the nature of empire. They discuss how to evaluate privacy tools, how to develop an alternative worldview, and the end of history.

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0:00 – Introduction 1:06 – What is Geopolitics & Empire? 3:29 – Who has been the most controversial person on your show? 4:13 – Is Hrvoje on a blacklist? 8:30 – Has Hrvoje Moric experienced any difficult border crossings? 11:33 – Any other struggles as a content creator: cancel culture, deplatforming., shadow banning 16:27 – What do you see as the next building empire today? 20:25 – Is America an evil empire? 23:57 – Hrvoje Moric’s take on global surveillance and Edward Snowden 27:10 – How do you decide to trust a privacy tool? 36:56 – How dangerous is Mexico? 40:11 – What countries can we hide out in? 43:21 – How did you develop your alternative worldview? 47:58 – Neuralink  48:46 – The satanic empire 52:06 – Is the Antichrist going to be an AI being? 55:38 – Final thoughts