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57 – Standard Notes: Model Privacy Software

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Mo from the privacy note-taking software Standard Notes. They discuss the basics and beyond of Standard Notes, how to run a privacy-focused company, the importance of self-hosting, Standard Note’s new 2FA application, and some of the sociopolitical issues surrounding encryption.

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0:00 – Introduction 0:53 – Motivation behind creating Standard Notes 6:24 – Importance of freedom to express ourselves privately 9:44 – What does Standard Notes mean by end-to-end encryption? 16:46 – What assurances do we have of Standard Notes privacy? 28:20 – How to lock down Standard Notes 34:42 – Running a privacy-focused company 45:12 – How to pay for Standard Notes 46:45 – What information does Standard Notes have about users? 50:57 – Mo’s thoughts on self-hosting 56:40 – Standard Notes 2FA application 1:01:22 – The future of encryption 1:06:18 – Final thoughts


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